War & Self-Reliance

Today I'm reading in Alma 43. I'm impressed that the great theme of Moroni's leadership is that he prepares the people. He gets them swords and weapons, armor and breastplates. He fires them up about the reasons they're going to war - wives, children, freedom, religion. He has them heap up mounds of earth and fortify their cities.

And, when the Lamanites come to attack, are afraid (because of the breastplates) and decide to try another tactic, he sends for the prophet's direction.

Moroni does everything in his power to make things happen. And when plans change, he goes to the Lord. This month's visiting teaching message on self-reliance comes to mind: "Everyone has a responsibility to try to avoid problems before they happen and to learn to overcome challenges when they occur."*

Moroni's the man.

* Julie B. Beck. "Becoming Self-Reliant,” Liahona, Jan 2010, 9

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  1. I loved reading the War chapters last semester. I love the examples that Moroni, Pahoran, and other Nephite leaders set. And I love this blog, by the way.