Good Intentions

When it comes to serving others, I think we all have the best of intentions. Of course we want to serve and love and help and reach out and uplift. But.

President Monson asked:* "How many times has your heart been touched as you have witnessed the need of another? How often have you intended to be the one to help?"

This cuts to the quick, doesn't it? I can immediately recall to mind more than a dozen very specific instances when I really, truly, sincerely intended to help. For example, I intended to reach out to our neighbors this Christmas. With the best of intentions, I made cookies, but I have yet to deliver them.

"How often has day-to-day living interfered and you've left it for others to help, feeling that 'oh, surely someone will take care of that need.' We become so caught up in the busyness of our lives... too often we spend most of our time taking care of things which do not really matter much at all in the grand scheme of things, neglecting those more important causes."

This is the week before the new year, a time for reflection and new resolve. Perhaps it would also be a good time to commit our intentions to action. I think I will deliver those cookies (even if I am late). The best of intentions, translated into real acts of goodwill, will undoutedly touch others, lift our own spirits and bring about much good.

"The needs of others are ever present, and each of us can do something to help someone."

Here's to making good intentions count.

*Ensign. November 2009, 84-85

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