Testimony: The Constant Quest

Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me. (D&C 88:63)

I sense a theme.

President Harold B. Lee taught: "Testimony isn't something that you have today and you keep always. Testimony is either going to grow and grow to the brightness of certainty, or it is going to diminish to nothingness, depending upon what we do about it. I say, the testimony that we recapture day by day is the thing that saves us from the pitfalls of the adversary."*

I love that he says "the testimony that we recapture day by day". Recapture. That brings to mind such great images. And I think that we would take our spiritual quest much more seriously if we really truly felt that we had to work to re-capture our testimony day to day. I know for sure I'd be much more dedicated to daily tasks (like scripture study and sincere prayer) if I could just think of it this way. Recapture.

President Uchtdorf offers such great encouragement: "The Lord has blessed you with a testimony of the truth. You have felt His influence and witnessed His power. And if you continue to seek Him, He will continue to grant you sacred experiences. With these and other spiritual gifts, you will be able not only to change your own life for the better but also to bless your homes, wards or branches, communities, cities, states, and nations with your goodness."**

I think remembering the blessings and spiritual experiences we've had is one of the most vital and vibrant ways to keep our testimonies bright. Even when I feel distant from the Lord, remembering a time when I knew for certain that the Lord knew me and loved me, a time when I knew for certain that He was pleased with my efforts, or a time when I knew for certain that I was doing the right thing helps to spark the desire to feel and know that again. And when I make that effort, it always comes back. Somehow, the Lord is always always willing to reach out and bring us closer. "He will continue to grant you sacred experiences." And with that, we literally do have the power to change the world for good.
*Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Harold B. Lee (2000), 43
** Ensign Jan 2010, 7

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